As the inauguration of the forty-sixth president of the United States approaches, the fragility of supply remains a critical lesson-learned from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our new report, in partnership with the Atlantic Council, titled The Biden-Harris Administration and the Future of Supply Chains in the Americas, explores how the next US administration can work alongside partners and allies in the Western Hemisphere to assure supply-chain resilience is achieved and prioritize.

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Reagan Demas has significant experience working on behalf of companies and investors in emerging markets and high risk jurisdictions. He has managed major legal compliance investigations for a variety of Fortune 500 companies and negotiated settlements before the US Department of Justice, US Securities and Exchange Commission, and other federal and state regulatory entities, obtaining declinations in a number of matters. He has also conducted risk assessments and due diligence in a variety of legal compliance matters for companies across industries, and has worked on the ground evaluating partnerships, investments and other business opportunities worldwide. Reagan has written and spoken extensively on corruption, business ethics, human rights-related legal obligations and emerging regulatory regimes.