About Our Blog

Supply chains are the lifeblood of business and are growing more complex as their roots continue to spread into emerging markets around the world.  At the same time, legal risks and obligations stemming from supply chain relationships are developing at a rapid pace.  With input from lawyers across Baker McKenzie’s multidisciplinary teams, we bring you supply chain compliance insights from practitioners around the globe to offer our analysis of emerging legal trends and hot topics in supply chain risk management.  In addition to providing the latest updates on global and industry-specific supply chain risks, this blog has been created to flag pitfalls and navigate the complexities of supply chain legal regimes, as well as advise on opportunities, ethical considerations and best practices for organizations and in-house counsel.  Topics covered include supply chain-specific aspects of sanctions, emerging human rights-related obligations, corruption, export controls, tariffs and trade, third party risk and antitrust considerations. Additionally, we examine the legal regimes implicated by emerging supply chain management tools involving technology, block chain and artificial intelligence (AI).