The 2020 Global Trade and Supply Chain Webinar Series offers a number of opportunities to hear experts from the around the world address the latest trends on today’s key issues in global supply chain compliance.  Excellent opportunities to ensure you are up to date on the ever-changing landscape involving trade wars, sanctions, and customs regimes and the impact on supply chains.

 January 28
US, Brazil, EU China Trade Policy and FTA Update plus Brexit
Speakers: Stu Seidel (Washington, DC), Marcelle Silbiger (Sao Paulo), Jon Cowley (Hong Kong), Jenny Revis (London), and Meera Rolaz (London)
 February 25
Basic: How to Classify Your Products (Customs)
Speakers: Jose Hoyos-Robles (Mexico City), John Foote (Washington, DC), Olof Johannesson (Stockholm), Andrew Rose (London), and Riza Buditomo (Jakarta) 
 March 31
Foreign Investment Review Regimes Around the World: Focus on US, UK, Germany, Italy, and Canada
Speakers: Sylwia Lis (DC), Ross Evans (London), Anahita Thoms (Dusseldorf), Antonio Lattanzio (Rome), Yana Ermak (Toronto)
Moderator: Rod Hunter (DC)
 April 28
Basic: Key Compliance Issues under US, EU, and China Export Controls
Speakers: Lisa Test (Washington, DC), Ben Smith (London), Jenny Pan (Shanghai)  
 May 19
Restricted Parties Screening: Compliance Issues and Best Practices under US, EU, and Canadian Trade Sanctions and Export Controls
Speakers: Meghan Hamilton (Chicago), Alexandra Alberti (London), Brian Cacic (Toronto)
 June 23
Basic: How to value your products (Customs)
Speakers: Kevin Nordin (London); Jaap Huenges Wajer (Amsterdam); John McKenzie (San Francisco); Ivy Tan (Kuala Lumpur)
 July 28
What you need to know about importing into Africa, China, Russia and the Middle East (Customs)
Speakers: Virusha Subban (Johannesburg), Tina Li (Shanghai), Vladimir Efremov (Moscow), and Laya Aoun Hani (Dubai)
 August 25
Basic: Key Compliance Issues under US, EU, and Canada trade Sanctions
Speakers: Callie LeFevre (Washington, DC), Sven Bates (London), Quentin Vander Schueren (Toronto)
 September 29
Customs Audits and Latest Customs Developments
Speakers: Andrea Dieguez (Mexico City) Nicole Looks (Frankfurt), Kelvin Hong (Kuala Lumpur), John Foote (Washington, DC)
 October 27
Basic: How to determine the origin of your products (Customs)
Speakers: Jessica Mutton (London), Mariana Rojas (Mexico City), Eukyung Kim Shin (Chicago), Weng Keong Kok (Hong Kong)
 November 24
Hot Topics in US, EU, Russian Trade Sanctions and Export Controls Speakers:  Inessa Owens (Washington, DC), Derk Christiaans (Amsterdam), Julian Godfray (London), Alexander Bychkov (Moscow)
 December 15
What you need to know about importing into Mexico, Brazil and Argentina (Customs)
Speakers: Veronica Rejon (Guadalajara), Alessandra Machado (Sao Paulo), and Esteban Ropolo (Buenos Aires)

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Photo of Reagan Demas

Reagan Demas has significant experience working on behalf of companies and investors in emerging markets and high risk jurisdictions. He has managed major legal compliance investigations for a variety of Fortune 500 companies and negotiated settlements before the US Department of Justice, US Securities and Exchange Commission, and other federal and state regulatory entities, obtaining declinations in a number of matters. He has also conducted risk assessments and due diligence in a variety of legal compliance matters for companies across industries, and has worked on the ground evaluating partnerships, investments and other business opportunities worldwide. Reagan has written and spoken extensively on corruption, business ethics, human rights-related legal obligations and emerging regulatory regimes.